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Sports Injury Claims

Sports Injury Claims

There is always some degree of risk in participating in a sport. However an injury claim can only succeed when negligence can be proven. This could be injury caused by irresponsible or reckless behaviour by another player in a contact sport. An example of which could be an improper tackle in a football or rugby game.

Other causes of injury could derive from defective equiptment such as in a gym. Another cause of injury may be the result of insufficient training or lack of supervision. Damages may be sought from a sporting venue or club where a poorly maintained playing surface has resulted in an injury. Examples of sporting injuries are typically:

  • Team sports, rugby, football, hockey and cricket
  • Winter sports, skiing and snowboarding
  • Water sports, jetskiing and kitesurfing
  • Outdoor pursuits such as horse riding and rockclimbing
  • Dangerous sports such as motor racing or paragliding
  • School sport accidents

Sports Injury Compensation

Injury compensation can by sought from governing bodies, organisers of sporting events or match officials. Many sporting venues should have adequate liability insurance in place to cover personal injury claims. It is important that the individual seeks medical attention immediately to determine the type of injury and treatment required. A medical report will normally also be required at a later date.

Witness statements will need to be taken from match officials, spectators and other players in a team sport. Photographs and all details of the incident need to be recorded.

Types of Claim

A common sports injury is that of broken bones and fractures. There are however also cases of soft tissue damage such as torn muscles or injury to ligaments. Some of the most serious cases involve head or spinal injuries. Horse riding can lead to serious injury. Accidents and falls sometimes require air ambulances due to the risks associated with spinal injury.

Motorsport can be dangerous and lead to severe injury. There have been cases at motor racing events where spectators as well as drivers have been injured.

Compensation may be sought from Ski resorts where injury has been caused by defective equiptment. This could be faulty chair lifts, drag lifts or poorly maintained slopes. Injury can occur in direct contact sports such as boxing or martial arts, this can result in claims for damages from the the sports club.

Levels of Compensation

Two types of sports injury compensation are awarded. One for "general damages" for the injury itself. The level of compensation awarded for this will be determined by the extent of pain and suffering.

The other type of compensation is awarded for "special damages". These include all the additional costs and expenses relating to the incident, for which receipts need to be kept. Loss of earnings will also be taken into acount for the period of rehabilitation and recovery.

In the case of serious injury, consideration will be given for all the costs of continuing care. Further expenses may include the requirement to modify forms of transport, or make improvements to living accomodation.

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