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Faulty Product Claims

Faulty Product Claims

As a consumer purchasing everyday goods, we have a certian expectation of safety standards, unfortunately this is not always the case. Claims have been successfully brought against manufacturers who have failed to meet these. Defective electrical goods have been known to cause house fires. These at times have resulted in serious injuries and burns.

Examples of these are include:

  • Consumer Goods (including all domestic appliances and White Goods)
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Contaminated foods resulting in poisoning
  • Cosmetic products causing rashes, swellings and severe reactions
  • Fabrics and allergic reactions
  • Vehicle manufacturer faults
  • MRSA super bug claims
  • Hip and PIP implant claims
  • Hair dye compensation claims

Faulty Product Compensation

There are a number of reasons for products to be faulty. It may be simply poor design or an error in the manufacturing process. An electrical good may cause burns if it catches fire or even electrocution.

If you are injured as a result of a product being defective such as a chair that breaks or a cosmetic product that causes a severe skin reaction then you are within your rights to submit a claim for compensation.

There have been many cases of serious side effects to pharmaceutical products, allergic reactions to certain fabrics as well as incidences of poisoning from contaminated food products.

Claims against large manufacturing companies require specialist legal representation. There may be insufficient warnings displayed on the packaging. To help a claim, it is important that all relevant documents are kept, including purchase receipts and instructions. Photographs of any physical harm or injury are useful if used in evidence.

Types of Claim

Group claims have been brought against manufacturers of pharmaceutical and medical device products. In particular, claims for faulty prothetics in hip and knee joint replacements. There have also been a number of claims against prescription drugs and medicines.

There have been rashes and cuts caused by faulty fabrics known as "toxic sofa rash." Claims have been made for faulty defribulators, exploding e-cigarettes and the latest craze with hoverboards leading to injuries. Faulty PIP breast implants have left women scarred with medical complications.

Levels of Compensation

Amounts of compensation can vary significantly. A minor hand injury caused by an electrical burn from a faulty toaster may result in a couple of thousand pounds awarded. A faulty hip replacement could be awarded a hundred thousand pounds for the pain and suffering caused with the likeliood of medical complications and corrective surgery.

There have been claims where young children have been injured by faulty baby buggies, these have obviously attractive large amounts of compensation. Manufacturers sometimes fail to recall products that they know are faulty. If the personal injuries are severe then rehabilitation will need to be provided. Compensation will need to ensure that sufficient time is given for recovery.

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