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Holiday Claims

Holiday Claims

Unfortunately Holidays do not always go as well as planned. There are many variables involved and mutiple components, particularly with package holidays. With the risks associated with foreign travel by air or sea to a different country, local standards may fall below expectations.
Examples of Holiday Claims Include:

  • Travel by Air (Accidents aboard a plane).
  • Travel by Sea (Accidents onboard a cruise ship or ferry).
  • Travel by Road (Car, coach or taxi accidents abroad).
  • Hotel Accidents (Accidents due to negligence, such as trips or falls on the resort premises).
  • Illness ( Food poisoning).
  • Poor Hygiene ( Cleanliness, Sanitary issues and bed bugs).
  • Excursions (Day trips out of the resort).
  • Scuba Diving (Accidents in open water due to negligence).
  • Watersports (Accidents on the water, speed boats, jet-skis, water skiing).
  • Skiing Holidays (Accidents in ski resorts).
  • Group Compensation Claims ( Family or a group of people).

Types of Holiday Claims

Tour Operators have to maintain Reasonable Standards with Package Holidays, to ensure adequate levels of health and safety. They are required to carry out risk assessments to minimise accidents and prevent poor hygiene.

However people do slip on badly maintained surfaces, particularly around swimming pools and do suffer from food poisoning. All these things can often ruin a holiday and compensation should be pursued.

Food Poisoning can occur in hot climates with poorly prepared ingredients. In particular, from buffet style restaurants, where dishes are regularly re-heated. Instances can range from mild Stomach upsets to severe cramp, pain and diarrhoea for lengthy periods of time.

In severe cases holidaymakers have contracted Salmonella, E-coli and Norovirus from hotels and resorts. These conditions with long term effects warrant high levels of compensation payouts.

Claiming Compensation

Package Holiday Makers are able to claim under the Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tour Regulations 1992.
Injuries sustained at sea can be claimed under the Athens Convention 1974.
Injuries during air travel can be claimed under the Montreal Convention 1999.
Holiday Compensation Claims from UK based companies are run on a No Win No Fee Basis, which means that we will initiate the claim for free, so that there is no cost to you pursuing compensation until, if the claim is suceesful, full settlement has been reached.

Levels of Compensation

It is useful to gather evidence in support of your claim. Keep All Receipts for extraordinary costs for travel, accommodation, medication or hospital treatment. Keep a record of all the details, dates and times with names and addresses of any witnesses.

Levels of compensation will be determined by a number of factors. In the case of accidents during travel or at the resort, where there is evidence that negligence has occurred. The amount will be determined by the extent and the severity of the injuries.

In cases of food poisoning compensation can range widely from mild cases to severe, claims can therefore be from £500 at £30,000 or more.

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